Dieting and Weight Loss Stalled? Your Hormones May be to Blame

Hormone imbalances can make it difficult and sometimes even impossible to lose weight.

(PRWEB) -- You've tried and tried to lose weight - low cal, low fat, no fat, juice fasting, cabbage soup, you name it, and nothing seems to work. Oh, sure, you lose five pounds the first week - everyone does at the start of a new diet - but after that things just seemed to stall out. No matter how hard you try, the scales stop moving early-on. After a week or two of this you give up again. Those five "lost pounds" come back and bring a few more of their friends with them. The diet - lose - stall - regain cycle gets repeated over and over. For many people, life means constant dieting but never coming anywhere near their goal weight.

Like most people, you are probably convinced that your lack of dieting success is not from lack of trying. You may have wondered if there was something wrong with you that keeps you from being able to lose weight - something like your hormones. If this thought crossed your mind, there's a good chance you are right. Recent research presented in a new book by noted bariatric physician Dr. Dana Myatt shows that it may indeed be your hormones, not simple lack of willpower, keeping you fat.

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