Dieting? Veggies Should Make Up Most Of Plate

Are you dieting and trying to lose weight?

The traditional American plate, which contains a large piece of meat, a large helping of mashed potatoes and a small serving of peas, won’t give you any weight loss benefit.

To lose weight slowly but surely, simply fill at least two-thirds of the plate with a variety of plant foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans, and leave only the remaining room -- one-third of the plate or less -- for animal protein.

Adopting the two-thirds to one-third proportions effectively reshapes meals so they are higher in fiber and lower in fat and calories than the traditional American meal. As a result, they can help people maintain a healthy weight, and offer a healthy strategy for those trying to lose weight safely, gradually and effectively.

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Diet Secrets From Around The World

With recent statistics indicating that two-thirds of all American adults are overweight and more than 30% of them considered obese, Americans are looking outside their boundaries for sensible, quick diet solutions.

The latest edition of PEOPLE's Special Issue, Your Diet offers a look at diet secrets and successes from around the world. And in almost all cases, you can say "yes" to carbs but the right carbs, the right way.

Despite croissants, pasta and foie gras, Europeans have a low rate of obesity. Tips include:

Smaller portions (but don't deprive yourself of anything)
Slow down and don't snack
Enjoy some wine

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Diet Secrets: The #1 Secret To Keeping Off Weight

HOW MANY things go up and down more than your weight? The stock market, an elevator, a yo-yo, a roller coaster? You have tried everything: restricted foods, unbalanced diets, drugs, supplements, surgery, strenuous exercise. No matter how much you diet and exercise, the weight keeps coming back.

Everyone has heard how to keep weight off. Eat sensibly and exercise. But, few people are managing to do it. That's because no matter how much advice they have heard, and no matter how motivated they are to succeed, most people still don't know the #1 secret to keeping off weight.

What is the #1 secret?

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