The Secrets of Dieting and Weight Loss

There are many methods to dieting and weight loss. Some are natural and healthy, others, are dangerous and unhealthy.

It’s important to note that my definition of weight loss means losing and keeping that weight off for the rest of your life, not 1, 2 or just 3 years. You all know the options, pros and cons of the various and numerous techniques for weight loss.

But what you didn’t know up till now is that to be successful with permanent weight loss, it can only be achieved by consistent and proper exercise combined with a reduction of your caloric intake. Calories in = calories out. That’s the most important fact you need to know about weight loss. That part is simple.

However, applying this simple formula into and around your everyday lifestyle is not as easy. It’s not easy because you are willing to try silly and ineffective ways to lose weight, an easier way, or so you think.

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